Mosshi is a character related product brand created by Mosou Shigotohaya Limited at 2009. Our main products are lady’s handbags and cosmetic bags, but we also have wallets, T-shirts and dolls and other products. All our characters and products are local Hong Kong design. To ensure the quality, our products are manufacture in China from selected manufacturers with over 20 years experience to the related products.
Mosshi 是一個本港原創卡通人物的品牌。Mosshi的主要產品為女裝手袋及化妝袋,除此之外,我們也有毛公仔、銀包、T-裇等各種不同類型的產品。我們的卡通人物及產品都是香港本土設計。為確保品質,我們的產品製作均由擁有超過20年經驗的生產商負責。


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